.MBA Says You Mean Business

You should be a professional in order for you to register a .pro domain. But to get a dot MBA (Master of Business Administration) domain no such conditions are applicable. .MBA domain is operated by Lone Hollow LLC. It’s at present in the early access period. nTLDstats.com shows just 49 domains in the zone file.

.MBA is set to go into the general availability on 2 September, 2015. It will be interesting to note how many registrations .mba will get on day one. I believe there are many MBA’s around the globe who can be benefited from this TLD. No doubt, it’s the most popular postgraduate degree and deserve a TLD of its own. But, I don’t think if you’re an MBA you want to have an MBA domain. Also, Its registration and renewal fee will be an important factor too. Since it’s ‘Donuts’ TLD the renewal fee will be high.

It’s a popular suffix by domain count but it’s difficult to estimate how many are actually referring to MBA as some other words also ends with mba such as rumba, samba, and many other words belonging to other languages.

To market .mba domain extension effectively some popular registrars are using the following taglines:
Name “.MBA lets you show what you know”
Godaddy “.mba says you mean business”
Enom “.MBA provides an extension that signals professionalism.”
Register.it “.mba the Domain dedicated to your business”

If you want to do per-registrations the rates are different based on the domain quality. For example: college.mba pre-registration cost is $27.99, mba.mba is at $44.99 where as your.mba is at $249.99 at Godaddy provided nobody bids it during the early access period. After the first day success of .online extension I think .mba got some advantage in terms of awareness. Those who are new to the domain game and has just registered .online may well wish to register a .mba domain.

Your chance of getting a nice .mba domain is good as I don’t see much competition for this TLD like the .Online.

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