My First .Guru Domain Name – Tagline.Guru

It seems that .Guru is one of the new gTLD which maybe definitely going to stay. It has around 62K+ registration so far and it seems the number will grow gradually. Registering a .Guru domain name is not easy when you really want the left of the dot to go well with the right of the dot. Day before yesterday I was researching some names related to marketing and advertising and in the process I discovered Tagline Name. I was sure it’s not available in most of the existing TLDs but I made a quick search to see if it is available under new gTLD. And, I found Tagline.Guru available.

I researched a bit more on that and I found that it’s perfect under .Guru extension. Estibot appraises around US$62000 with 22,263 Google exact match search with a 1.44 USD as CPC. I found this data reasonable. I registered it at Godaddy which consumed my 28 USD.

Taglines are always interesting and there are Marketing and Ad experts that provide taglines along with name and logo development. According to this page “Copy editors charge $250 to $3,000 to create a tagline.”

This registration of mine is an indication that there maybe some good one word names that may go well with .GURU extension. The present amount of registration are too small and as awareness about .Guru expands the number likely to grow.

At present Google search engine renders the following results at page first when searched for Site:.Guru

And so on.

Its good to see many developments are taking place around .Guru extension which is a good sign. The more websites get developed on these new gTLDs the more awareness these extension can get and which may help these new dots to survive and thrive.

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