The New GTLD .Loan is at Top of the .Top and .XYZ

When it comes to domain name sales provides the key information. And, when you want to know about the performance of new gtld’s the website has all the answers.

And, it was surprising for me to note that the new gtld .loan as of today stand as the most successful new generic top-level domain in terms of registrations.

Current registrations are 2,263,946 which almost represents a 10% share of total new gTLD’s. .xyz and .top are in the second and third position.  The top-level domain .loan entered the general availability phase 05 August 2015. I have found it difficult to measure its success as it was not that promoted the way .xyz and .club did. Also, most of the registrations around 1.4 million coming from Alibaba cloud computing and around 500k from Alibaba Singapore. This link shows it all.

Further, its application is limited to financial industry and not so generic like other new gTLD’s. The other new gTLDs I like such as .tech, .shop that should have made their way into top five. But, their registrations as of today are quite low.

The following Google command returned some developed .loan websites. type in Google search: loan site:loan

NameBio shares sales history for at 45k and at 7k which means there is not that much aftermarket activity for the .loan domain compared to .xyz and .club domain names. One reason for the lack of aftermarket activity for .loan could be the number of registrations in registrar such as Godaddy and Namecheap.


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