World of internet started with dot com, dot net, dot org and some other important top level domain extensions. After a certain period country code top level domain extensions were introduced. And, today we have nearly 20+ top level domain extensions and 246+ ccTLDs.

Dot com extension is the most popular and it’s the number one. But, it doesn’t mean that others are all failures. Most of the other TLDs and ccTLDs are also doing well and companies have adapted them to suit their local as well as global requirements.

The above scenario which happened has not threatened the power of dot com or the other TLDs like dot org or dot net. But, instead, they continued to grow and today they are firmly standing in the domain name market.

If you think, new gTLDs will prove a threat to already existing TLDs or ccTLDs then you need to go back to History and re-evaluate.

In my opinion all new generic top level domain extensions which will be released soon will not threaten the power of already existing top level domain extensions. Instead they will be regarded by individuals and companies around the world as an ‘ADDITION’ and not replacement for their already existing websites under dot com or other top level extension.

The following are my backup reasons:

1. Change not easy: Many corporations, medium and small companies along with individuals will find it hard to change their preferred domain extension location from dot com or other TLD to a new generic top level extension because it entails not only financial cost but also many other factors.

2. Awareness: It takes years to build awareness and companies can wait till they see the general user getting comfortable with the new generic top level extensions.

3. Confusion: With many extensions confusion will prevail and to avoid the confusion companies will stick to dot com or any other extension on which they already built their internet locations. It doesn’t mean they will not buy the new generic extensions.

4. Buy: Companies will buy new generic top level extensions related to their field or industry and keep it as an addition to their already existing domain names portfolio. They will not buy with the intention to replace their main internet locations.

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