New gTLDs Investment Opportunities

If you like new gTLD and have a positive feeling for it then it’s likely that you’re planning to invest some money in buying and registering new generic top level domain names.
The total domain industry is in a state of confusion with regards to how the new gTLDs may perform after it gets an official release. Of course those who have started this buzz or the registries are hopeful that these new gTLDs will have their own market and may prove successful especially when businesses and individuals are finding hard to find premium domain names under conventional TLDs.

Lets assume that these new gTLDs may prove successful and you as a domainer thinking on a strategy to benefit from this upcoming opportunity. What will be your strategy?

One thing for sure is that you can’t manage all of the thousands of extensions. If earlier you’ve focused only on dot coms then the same rule is going to apply to you with regards to these new gTLDs. You’ve to pick an extension in which you soundly believe and have an idea about the market for that extension.

Basic prior knowledge may help. If you’re knowledgeable in hotel industry then concentrating on dot hotel maybe meaningful and if you’re a software oriented person then your experience maybe helpful for you in selecting the right kind of domain name under dot app or dot web.

Examining your background and associating with the right of the dot is going to be important if you’re thinking on picking some really nice names. The new gTLDs is a call for specialization and as such being jack of all trade is not going to work out. Picking the right extension and then finding valuable names for investment purposes will be the key.

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