New gTLDs May Slow Down Existing gTLDs Transactions

OK, Internet is going to change. New gTLDs which may define many businesses like .shop, .blog, .equipment, .clothing, etc. are going to find their place in right of the dot market. The right of the dot market currently is dominated by .com, .net, .org and some ccTLDs which may experience low sales due to new gTLDs influx.

New gTLDS like .Guru, .Clothing, .Single and some others are already arrived and there are some websites built on it too. Anything new will have its own attraction and marketers of these new gTLDs may leave no stone unturned to market them effectively and progressively. This may eat the existing old TLDs market share as more and more companies and individuals may resort to new gTLDs basically for these reasons and here are they:

1. Cheap: Getting a new gTLD will not be so expensive compare to old TLDs which generally may have a high price tag. Companies and individuals may find it cheaper to register new gTLDs instead of buying an expensive one from the aftermarket or a domainer. Not only this, companies and individuals may get a better name too.

2. Better name option: New gTLDs are fresh and are tuned to address many businesses. This may lead the business owners and individuals to find the perfect name they were looking for their existing business or any new start up they may have planned.

3. Free from any label: New gTLD domains are entirely new, hence there is no fear of it being stolen from someone else, or has been previously used for spamming or any other illegal activity. The due diligence work will considerably be low. This may induce and attract buyers.

4. Easy to remember. New gTLD names are often described as hard to remember. As someone has to remember the domain name + the new gTLD extension. But, I think the other way. If I’m engaged in clothing business, my customers may know me as someone who sells clothing. And, if I register a domain ‘’ and market it to my customers they may immediately remember my domain + the new extension as they are already familiar with that. The only burden for them is to separate my domain and .clothing.

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