Number of Domains OR Number of Websites?

New gTLDs wave is still on and this is sure to continue till all the new gTLDs are released and are available for general registrations. To-date many new gTLDs have already made it to the general availability popular among them are .Club, .Guru, .XYZ, .Berlin and so on.

The number of registrations for each new gTLD is what people are counting. Many bloggers are trying to measure the success or failure of a new gTLD on the basis of number of registrations it garnered. But, what is important I think is the number of websites that maybe built using all these new gTLDs.

If for example, a particular new gTLD has got 1000 registrations and there are 200 active websites for it and there is another new gTLD that has got 10000 registrations and there are just 200 active websites under it then I’ll say the new gTLD with 1000 registration is successful. Because the ratio of website development for that new gTLD is higher than the ratio of website development for the latter new gTLD. Of course for registry and the registrars the new gTLD with 10000 registration is more profitable.

This idea hit me when I commented on Mark’s post And, Konstantinos Zournas replied that “.XYZ is a scam. It has given out thousands of free domains.”

If this is the case with .xyz then more and more new gTLD registry’s may follow the same path of giving away thousands of domains for free. If this is the case then what matters is the amount of websites that are launched using the new gTLD and this should be the strict barometer of success for any new gTLD and not the number of domains it got registered.

Fair play is very important in any business and manipulations leads to inaccurate statistical figures that may benefit the concerned business owner in a short-tern period but not in the longer period.

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