Numeric Domain Names Goes Well With Dot Com

With so many new gTLDs touching the general availability stage everyday, where anyone in the world with an Internet connection can register domain names in a wide variety of word combinations it’s unlikely that numeric names may go well with the new gTLDs.

In the last couple of years the value of numeric domain names has sky rocketed. Chinese especially is a big market for numeric domain names and their number-one choice is to choose a dot com extension and if it’s out of their budget then their country code .cn or .net is preferred.

In my opinion the numeric domain name market will be confined to existing TLDs only such as .com, .net, and in some cases .org or the ccTLDs. But, if you mix numeric names with new gTLDs it may not make a good business sense. Hence, the numeric domains will in no way be effected with the rush of new gTLDs.

Just take a look at some high valued numeric domain name sales as reported by sold for $2,100,000 Year 2013 sold for $525,000 Year 2011 sold for $188,888.88 Year 2008 sold for $178,888.89 Year 2008 sold for $168,888.88 Year 2008 sold for $111,111.11 Year 2008 sold for $111,111.11 Year 2008 sold for $358,000 Year 2011 sold for $100,000 Year 2011 sold for $81,000 Year 2008 sold for $92,000 Year 2008 sold for $75,000 Yaer 2008

If we associate the above Arabic numerals with the burgeoning new gTLDs the complete name will end up in total mess. It will be having no value for businesses and customers will not be able to make any sense. New gTLDs are suitable for English words only. Its appeal is limited to people who are familiar with English language. For a country like China and other countries where English is not the predominant language the new gTLDs will find it too tough to find their place.

Although numeric domains are unlimited but usually up to 5 NNNNN (Number) domains are valued and taken seriously. It means 99,999 domains are there and out of it certain numbers are considered inauspicious which further filters the total down. Numeral names being loved in Asia a continent where 4+ billion people reside and Millions of businesses operate the value of numeric domains may continue to surge till a period where all good ones are exhausted or taken.

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