Recently Released New gTLDs

According to pre order page the following 31 new domains available now:


An aspiring registrant has to undergo 3 phases in order to get his/her choice of new gTLD. They are:

Sunrise Period: Only registered trademark holders of a particular name are given an opportunity to register their names provided they get their names validated through the Trademark clearing house

Landrush Period:
A landrush period is the time during which domain names are available for registration, usually to a closed group (usually through a premium price), that do not own a trademark in the name they wish to register. It’s a period before the general availability of domains are announced.

Pre-Registration: Similar to backorder the domain registries will attempt to register a name under your account. At pre-registration is on first come first served basis.

If you’re a business entity or an individual related to above industry or industries then this period is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to get the domain of your choice under the above new top level domain extensions.

There is no need to register names under all the top level domains just choose one that is related to your industry even though you’ve a dot com.

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