Registered Three .Club Domains Includes Mktg.Club

Recently I registered three .club domain names at NameCheap. The promo offer was very good. It costed me 0.88 for a club domain plus the 0.18 Icann fee. All together it was $1.06. The problem was finding a .club domain which is available at that rate. And, it was really difficult to spot such domains.

Searching at Namecheap is also difficult. Their search functionality doesn’t allow more than 50 domains at a time for searching. And, this makes the task lot difficult. I headed toward Uniregistry where at one time I was able to search nearly 3000 domains. And, as usual most of them were premium domains. And, what was available were either plurals of a single word or were not so popular words. I was using the dictionary approach to search domains and it seems many are already reserved and are tagged at premium prices.

Well, after a good search which was not complete I registered the following domains: – I really like this one because Mktg is short for marketing and it’s a popular acronym, the other two were and both are I think have some value. I listed all of them at buy now prices at website. And, I used the SEDO valuation.  It valued at $ 949, Copier at $1,999 and Brite.Club at 2,999.

I was having the plan to register at least 10 domains at registration fee but I find it too difficult to spot the good ones which are available.

Well, with the above three domains plus one which I had earlier my .Club domains tally has reached to 4. The other one was SoftSkills.Club which is also listed for sale at make offer.

.Club is a successful new gTLD and at present it stands at 5th position at which shows .club registrations at around 581,099 and I think the number will likely to increase as Chinese buyer too have taken a liking to this new gTLD.

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