The Day When Dot Will Be Dropped!

Imagine a day when we not at all use the ‘dot’ to mention a domain name. Although right of the dot may continue to be in used in the written material but verbally it maybe avoided. Just review the following names:

Visit ‘BuyOnline’ website
visit ‘NetWork’ website
Visit ‘TransferMoney’ website
Visit ‘SellCheap’ website
Visit ‘CoffeeClub’ website
Visit ‘ABCXYZ’ website

It will be assumed that the user knows exactly where to put the ‘dot’ to arrive to the right website. It will save advertising time that goes in mentioning ‘dot’ and also it will end up creating a better impact. This could may become true for the new generic top level domains that makes sense when joined with the correct left of the dot. If this happens then this will become a good success indicator for the new generic top level domains. But, for old top level domains such as .com, .net, .org and also many ccTLD extensions this may not work at all, simply because users are very much attuned to saying ‘com’ ‘.net’ or ‘.org’ after the ‘dot’.

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