The Stage of General Availability of New gTLDs is Important

Like conventional TLDs such as .com, .net, etc, new gTLDs too will be having a sunrise followed by landrush period. These two periods sets the speed for general availability period. New gTLDs in hundreds will enter the domain market in specific period of time. Check this professional infograph that clearly indicates time period and the associated generic TLDs.

There’s a huge possibility that these TLDs will have some attraction at the period of sunrise and landrush as some professional companies will try to secure best premium and brand and trademark protection domain names.

However, the real test of these new gTLDs will begun when these new TLDs becomes generally available. Meaning anyone can register it easily. Individuals and small or medium businesses who haven’t tried securing the new gTLD during sunrise or landrush may probably think about the cost of registering a new gTLD as well as its necessity to them.

If more and more individuals, small businesses, firms, companies think it as unnecessary and as a cost burden then the turnover/sales of these new TLDs will badly get effected. That’s the real test of these new gTLDs will begun when general availability becomes popular.

It will be interesting to see which gTLDs will succeed and which will fail. With hundreds of new gTLDs coming in such a short span of period it may become difficult for an ordinary person to cope up with such a fact. Remember, we witnessed 22 top level domains in 27 years of time frame. And, then suddenly having to see 700+ new gTLDs in such 1 or 2 years means it’s not going to be easy for new TLD applicants as well as general public.

These new gTLDs may face an uphill task or in other words an impossible task to fight and secure their place in the domaining market. They may not only compete with old TLDs but ccTLDs too.

Also, the new gTLDs will be facing competition from Social media platforms such as Facebook® and others. In one of the report I read social media together has 2 billion accounts. Meaning more and more individuals and businesses using social media and not actual domain with their website to promote their stuff.

Lets hope these new gTLDs first get through the period of sunrise and landrush successfully before testing the general availability round.

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