The Way New gTLDs are Promoted

Go to any website that is promoting new gTLDs and there you’ll find information that is likely to dismiss the old gTLDs like .com, .net, .org in order to set things right for the new gTLDs.

Following is an usual information delivered at new gTLDs sites:

All Good Names are Taken: At the very first instance new gTLDs promotional websites grab the attention of the reader by telling them that all the good names under .com, .net, or org are taken. This is the reason why new gTLDs with unlimited name choices can solve the problems associated with the availability of lack of good names under old TLDs.

Good Names Are Costly: The second point is that they make sure to instill fear in the minds of the reader by telling them that it’s not easy to get a good name under .com because it’s held by domainers. And, they may charge thousands of dollars for a single name. Hence, choosing a new gTLD over old TLD will save a lot of money.

Less confusion: Instead of people recognizing your company or brand from the second level domain they can recognize you easily from the first/top level domain itself. If your domain is Example.Academy internet users will immediately recognize you that you’re running an example academy. Immediate recognition is not possible under .com, or .net unless a user visits the actual site.

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