Top 5 New gTLD Videos By View Count as of This Post

Here is a list of top 5 new gTLD videos by view count as aired at I used search criteria as ‘New gTLD’ with view count.

1) – Do you have a company or an online store? Do you repair cars? Run a restaurant? Or just looking for a new web address? Be first now and pre-reserve from over 700 new domains. |View Count:106,989|
New gTLDs Commercial – Pre-reserve from over 700 new domains

2) – Do you own a company or an online shop? Are you an estate agent? Or a car dealer? Are you from London or maybe Scotland? Are you looking for a great new web or email address? Then choose from over 700 new domains. Pre-order yours, for free, before someone else does and link it to your website. |View Count:73,002|
New gTLDs TV Spot – Pre-order from over 700 new domains

3) – The Internet is changing and so is your website address. If you own a .consulting business in .wales, a .boutique in .wien, a .jewelry .shop or a .fitness centre in .madrid, soon you will have the chance to stand out from the crowd with an exciting and unique web address… |View Count:36,991|
New Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) Coming Soon | 123-reg

4) Trademark Clearing House – The Trademark Clearinghouse is a central repository of validated trademarks for the purpose of protecting brands in ICANN’s new gTLD program. Any Trademark Holder can submit a trademark record to the Clearinghouse. Discover what the Clearinghouse can offer to protect your brand in the new gTLD era. |View Count:7,352|
Trademark Clearinghouse – introduction

5) ICANN If you are wondering whether your organization should apply to operate a new generic top-level domain (gTLD), but you’re not quite sure what that implies, this video offers a starting point. In a handful of minutes, it describes what new gTLDs are (and are not), what it means to apply for one, and some initial reasons why your organization would — and would not — seek to apply. Intended for potential applicants. |View Count:6,185|
Overview : Get Ready for the Next Big .Thing – English

The above view counts reveals to me that the new gTLD wave is not getting a big round of buzz. Most of the videos above are recent but the one related to ICANN is two years old and I wonder why it has not got good view counts. As it’s the kind of video that gives a viewer a good understanding of new gTLDs. It should have been watched more by the non-domaining community but it’s not. This shows that the awareness among the non-domaining community towards new gTLDs is very minimal. If companies and registries behind these new flood of gTLDs don’t do awarenss campaigns for new gTLDs on mass scale I doubt they may not be able to stand out against the conventional TLDs such as dot com, .net, .org or the other ccTLDs.

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