Trending new-gTLDs domain names

Yesterday while analyzing new gTLD .academy I noticed that as well as were taken. This led me to think that they are companies and individuals who maybe registering a newgTLD+Domain/s as a combination two word .com names.

I collected all the list of new gTLDs and run the query and I found the following are still available for hand registration. One thing I like to say here is that I noticed that it’s more appropriate to register rather as plural sounds better.

Anyway, here is the list with plural domains succeeded with new gTLD. I don’t know the current status of these new gTLDs. Hence, I advise before you register any, do a little research to make sure it’s good and free from trademark too.

Above are around 100-110 names and around 400+ such similar names were already taken and I assume their age to be recent.

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