Who will buy new-gTLDs?

Thousands of new generic top level domain names will be made available for hand registration in the coming months and year. If you’re not aware presently there are 22 top level generic domain names exists among which the dot com, net, org, biz and info are most popular ones.

Todays report shows 147,496,226 domain names including TLDs as well as ccTLDs. Now the big question is which segement of the market will likely become the buyer for new-gTLDs?

And, here are my guesses for the likely buyers for the new-gTLDs:

1.Trademarks: Companies and firms willing to protect their trademarks in other new generic top level domain names will likely to secure one in their respective domain extension. For example Hilton hotels that has Hiltons.com will likely register Hilton.Hotel and similar move may be made by others.

2.Perfect Name: Companies and individuals who are having a domain name with numbers and weird characters will like to move to a new generic top level domain extension with a better name. For example a domain owner of yourcompanyabc.com will likely leave that and will register yourcompany.web or any other extension.

3.Long names: Companies and individuals whose domain names are long may register a short and more memorable domain name under new extension.

4.Young Generation: Young generation who always looks to feel different will likely choose a new top level domain extension in place of old generic extensions like dot com or dot net. Their desire to be different may help them satisfy this need with a new top level generic domain extensions.

5.Cheap renewals: It’s likely that there will be stiff competition between registries of different new generic top level domains and as a result the domain registration as well as domain renewal cost may go down and it may lead people to register a domain under new extension rather than the dot coms or dot net.

6.Developing country: The demand for new generci top level domains may more come from developing countries who are not yet better informed with domain names may choose new-gtld instead of old generic domain extensions as they see all as new to choose from.

7.Hacks: Some companies may use new generic top level domain extensions to register domains that may serve as Hack domains.

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