Who will not buy or pre-register the new gTLDs?

In the last write-up I put up some of my thoughts with regards to entities who may buy or pre-register a new-gTLD. In this article I’ll be covering up those who may not wish to pre-register a new-gTLD and is as follows:

1. Generic Keyword Owners: Some companies and individuals owns generic names that are not trademarked – such entities may not wish to pre-register their generic domain name under the new-gTLD as they are not concerned about the trademark issue.

2. Top TLD Supporters: There are entities and individuals who strongly support the top level dot com extensions such as .com, .net, .org or some others. They regard the upcoming new-gTLD as time wasters and confusion creators.

3. Investment: Some entities may like the new extensions but due to budget and investment constrains that go on purchasing the domain name and developing it may not buy or pre-register a new-gTLD.

4. Domainers: Some domainers who don’t see any value in these new-gTLDs may not want to have it in their domain names portfolio.

5. ccTLD Owners: Some website owners that are using ccTLD as their primary domain for business purpose and are not using any existing top level domain name such as .com or .net may invariably be not interested in owning one of the new-gTLD.

6. SEO Discouragement: Some companies may seek SEO experts opinion on whether to buy a new-gTLD or not? If they say ‘No’ they will not buy or pre-register a new-gTLD

7. Wait & See Policy: Some entities may apply the wait and see policy by watching how other entities may use the new gTLD extensions and they will try to learn first from their experiences before deciding whether to buy or not a new right of the dot extension.

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