Will Domain Owners Sacrifice Their Present Domain Name for New gTLDs?

Domainers and those who are well aware of new gTLDs may have already decided on what action to be taken and what action not to be taken when the new gTLDs are out and available for registration. But, what about an average domain owner who owns one or couple of domains which he/she maybe using for years for his/her business, blog or for any other kind of online activity.

These are the people who represents a major chunk of internet population. Even though they maybe having one or few domains in their account but total of all these web users domain names are significantly higher than the domains held by domainers or domain industry members.

And, of course, these are the people on whom a lot is depend about the success or failure of new gTLDs. Once these people get awareness about the new gTLDs their first question will be obviously shall I shift my domain to a new and better domain name under new gTLD?

This is a question even an experts will find difficult to answer. But, since nobody wants to take risk. I presume the owners will be advised by SEOs or some other experts to just use their existing domain name and to forget about new gTLD. Or they may suggest these innumerable web builders to register a domain under new gTLD of their choice but keep intact your previous website under the previous domain name.

Certainly, businesses and individuals will going to face a tough time in order to address these issues related to new gTLDs. It will not be easy to change someone’s web address to an entirely new realm of new gTLDs.

Questions such as these may require answer:

1. Shall I register the same domain name under new gTLD which I have already registered under old TLDs?
2. If I get a better domain name under new gTLD shall I stop my website which I’ve built under old TLD and drop that domain name.
3. What will be the cost of changing a domain from an old extension to a new extension?
4. How much value of money and domain goodwill I’ll lose If I moved to a new domain extension?
5. I’ve spent a considerable amount on developing my web portal on old domain and if I choose a new extension the same expenditure I may have to repeat? Then, what will be the ROI?
6. New domain name under new gTLDs will come without any age – how search engine will then value them?
7. What other administrative cost will I incur if I change my old TLD for a new TLD?

Many such and more questions will need to be answered before somebody opt in himself for new gTLDs. The above scenario is not an indication to not go and register a domain name under new gTLDs but it’s more relevant if you’re planning to buy a new gTLD in order to sacrifice your old domain name.

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