Will New gTLDs Impact the Exact Match Domain Results?

Domaining is much about owning, monetizing and selling valuable exact match domain names. An exact match domain is a domain name that matches the search term that is typed into the search bar of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other.

It has been identified that search engines were prioritizing the exact match domain name over non-exact match for the search engine result pages until Panda and Penguin update from Google changed the results. Now, the number one criteria for you to be on top of result pages is to have a high quality content & good number of backlinks. An exact match domain name is a bonus or an added advantage but not a necessity. Still, owning an exact match domain is regarded as important because of type-in-traffic and also some other search engines apart from Google still love the exact match domain name. Good content with exact match domain always places the site on top of Serps.

Now, with the introduction of thousands of new-gTLDs it will be worth noting how an exact match domain name may fare in popular search engines. Search engines need to filter the results from thousands of exact match domain names under various extensions. Google and some other search engine have an advanced feature where you can filter the results according to dot com, dot edu or any other extension of your choice. To access this feature the user has to go to the advanced search options.

I think when thousands of new gTLD extensions becomes available the search engines may provide two search boxes:

One for the search term and another maybe for choosing the right of the dot extension where the user may wish to locate the information.

If the above option is made available it may led to an increase in the value of exact match domain names for all the right of the dot extensions and this may force companies to acquire as many exact match domains as they can under various extensions that are worthy of having their business attention.

Exact match domain names may continue to soar in values in all top generic top level extensions.

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