Will New gTLDs Render Domain Age Factor Meaningless?

Domain age factor is something which is often taken into consideration whenever a domainer or a business owner decides to buy a particular name. The ‘old is gold’ concept is very well applied to domain names. An aged domain is favored by SEOs as well as by search engines. This is the reason why aged good domain names sell for a good price in the aftermarket. Very few businesses are out there which are built on new domains – often, the aged domains are first considered for development.

Now, with the introduction of new gTLDs the domain space is going to expand massively. In this scenario, will the domain age factor lose its significance is a question which may be relative to think at this moment.

The new gTLDs will have no age upon their introduction and whoever may build their businesses around it is going to sacrifice the age factor along with many other factors such as dot com, traffic, etc. If this practice succeeds a new trend may emerge in which SEOs and even search engines will start to disregard domain age factor and may heavily rely on website content and other online marketing aspects surrounding its development in order to rank them appropriately.

This may also lead to same treatment by search engines for other newly fresh domains under dot com or other top level categories. If search engines start to dis-regard age factor to facilitate new gTLDs market penetration then surely it may also favor non-aged-domains under other TLDs or ccTLDs. Sooner the age factor will become a myth. Any domain name weather new or aged if developed out search engines may throw its wings upon it to rank them better in accordance with its content and applicability.

The future is not far. Internet is changing. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see the effects new gTLDs may leave on businesses as well as individuals.

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