Will New gTLDs Solve Name Problems?

The search for a better names ends with new gTLDs. Really? I don’t think so. The proponents of new gTLDs are claiming that it will end the domain name problems. The applicants and domain registries are running ads that claim to give the new gTLD registrant a meaningful name. No more names with dashes and unnecessary suffixes are needed as the new gTLDs space is wide open, the registrant has utmost good authority in getting a perfect name of his or her choice. The crowded space of dot com or dot net doesn’t allow this freedom of helping the registrant with a better name option.

But, I don’t think that thousands of new gTLDs will solve actually the name problems commonly faced by many businesses.

A search at DomainTools revealed to me that they are nearly more than 200,000 names containing the keyword HOTEL. Now the new gTLD hotel will give many registrants of not meaningful dot com domain owners having hotel businesses an opportunity to use .hotel as their TLD with a meaningful name. A person involved in Hotel business will not like to choose any other new gTLD extension for his business apart from dot com, net, biz, co or the dot hotel. For him the other thousands of new gTLDs are meaningless as it doesn’t sound well with his nature of business.

The above scenario lefts a hotel owner with only one new choice of new gTLD and that is dot hotel. And, if we assume that all meaningless domain owners under dot com who has a hotel business if moved to dot hotel soon the space at dot hotel will get full. And, again it starts to create the name problem for only Hotel specific industry people. As other industry oriented businesses and individuals will not go to .hotel to choose as their extension. And, similarly, all other industries will eventually face a similar name problem provided if businesses takes it as an additional or primary extension over their existing TLD.

The new gTLD will bring industry specific culture in domain names and not necessarily all premium names will be attractive to register under different new gTLDS. I don’t see it as commercially attractive if someone registers insurance.hotel as insurance doesn’t sound well with dot hotel extension at least to me.

Determining which new gTLD or new gTLDs are appropriate for your business is important as it doesn’t make sense if you choose a new gTLD for your business that doesn’t go well with the new extension may choose.

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