My ‘the+Keyword’ Domains are up for Renewal

It was in last year I hand registered the following ‘the+Keyword’ domains after analyzing many domains. Now they are up for renewal and I’m wondering whether to keep or leave them. The following are the .com names:

4.ThePyaramid (Accidental Registration as it has a TYPO)

All above I parked with SEDO and none made any PPC revenue and unique visitors are less than 100 over the last year for each. And, as far as OFFERS are concerned none of the names had it. I sent end-user emails but I got no response at all. It seems many endusers are happy with their web names.

So, at this stage I’m wondering if anything above is worth keeping. However all domains if valued without ‘THE’ as a single keyword are worth $100k and above and since there is a market for ‘the+domains’ I’m bit undecided at this time.

If you own the above names then what you will keep and what you’ll drop?

Well, here are some noticeable ‘The+Domain’ sales list this year as reported by $692 $1136 $1149 $2700 $992 $2060 $829 $554 $2188 $3933
and many more

It’s very evident that this year alone there are more than 100s of ‘the’ domain sales taken place despite of the influx of new gTLDS.

7 thoughts on “My ‘the+Keyword’ Domains are up for Renewal”

  1. Thanks for sharing and nothing surprising about the stats of “the”+keyword domains. They are slow in terms of selling but does well in future if you have the right domain.

    If I had all those domains, I would have kept just one of them which is TheCalgary.

  2. Thanks AbdulBasit for the tip. Following your advise I will be renewing TheCalgary although I would like to renew TheAuditing also but it seems TheAudit would have been better if I had it.

  3. You mean to say that you owned previously ‘TheAuditing’. If it’s then what a coincidence. By the way this name is still listed at NoktaDomains for $9999 so a good buy for whoever picks it up.

  4. I appreciate your clarification. Well, I renewed TheCalgary and rest will be dropped. Thanks for commenting.

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