Renewal and Drops of My Domain Names

I own very few liquid domains like 4 letters and some numeric ones. The other type of liquid domains that has at least some value in the eyes of domain investors are my Brandbucket approved names. Most of my portfolio at the moment consists of hand registered domain names. I’ve been into this business since last 3 year and I do it part-time.

Every month I make a plan to renew and drop some of the names. I not look for quick flips. I haven’t sold any domain at Namepros or to domain investors. I plan to hold my names for the right end user. Patience is important in domaining. And, this is how you succeed ultimately in this business.

This month I renewed the following domain names under dot com:

HowtoBuild (dot) org
Deo (dot) me

Will be dropping:

Incomplete: Names which I may renew:

It’s always not easy to drop names. Dot com names are becoming rarer every day. Some of the names which I renewed are listed at BrandBucket and there are some names like Smartress on which I received some inquiries.

2 thoughts on “Renewal and Drops of My Domain Names”

  1. Thanks for sharing what names you are dropping and renewing it. Also I agree it’s not easy to let your domains drop. I would have dropped the domains you are dropping along with the one’s you are currently unsure.

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks, I may renew Geetkar which is a Hindi word for lyricist. I regd it for myself to share my own songs. You may check my channel at YouTube by searching ‘T/k/h/a/n226’

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