Drop Domains List Braveryy, Varsitty, Widthh

Do you drop domains? In domaining, an important task is to have a quality portfolio. And, quality comes from dropping names that are no longer look saleable. And, replacing them with decent and would be saleable names.

If you like the brandable domain space Рyou may have noticed that BrandBucket sells a lot of English dictionary based domains that are a single word but have a repeat letter either at the end (like fiverr) or at the first or second syllable like Priimary and practiice

I still have some decent number of such names that have the brandbucket approved tag. But, also, I used to own the following. But, decided to drop in order to make room for other domains in my tiny-sized folio.

Following are those domain names are all are dot-coms.


SuperLaboratory (a keyword-based name)

In my opinion, not all the above names are bad. It’s a costly affair for a company to get any one of the above domain names in real dictionary word terms. And, having a repeat letter and still getting the name under dot com is somewhat more desirable. I think! then had a lengthy business name.

But, since I don’t have any business based or development plans for the above names. I am letting them go. And, most of the times whenever I drop names – are then picked up by some other. Hugedomains is one example.

I will be re-checking all above names after they are completely expired to see if some or all of them are picked by someone. That will be a good test to see and evaluate your names.

The problem in domaining is ‘waiting’ and if you are operating on a minimum scale then letting go domains that have no apparent wholesale value is to be prioritized over future retail value.

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