Domain Names That Are Not Dropping Anymore

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Domain name investing is all about buying low and selling high. But, from where a domain investor buys his stock of domains? It’s largely through the auction marketplaces such as Godaddy, Snapnames, Namejet, Dropcatch, and Etc. It means domain investors cannot dictate what domain should drop. The investor has to pick the best from the drops, backorder it, participate in the auction, and finally win that domain name to own it. Now, days, it’s extremely rare to see the following types of domain names getting dropped by their respective owners. And, it indicates apart from domain investors the non-investors community fairly has the knowledge of domain names and its importance to their business. So here are the domains that I think are not dropping anymore. These are premier tier domain names and when it was dropped last time I have no idea. But, if you visit and search LL by the date you will find sold for 1,500 USD on 2011-01-29 Sedo. (Not sure about its history). Well, there are other LL domains under 100k like ZL Dawt Com for $45100 on 09-12-2018 at Namejet. The latest this year was OA(.com) $609068 which I think taken by domain investor as there is no website resolving as of this writing. More data is available at here There were days when LLL used to drop. And, if search LLL at Namebio. You will find from the year 2008 to 2016 there are plenty of LLL which were reported starting from USD 500 to USD 4000 Max. But, nowadays it’s quite rare to find any LLL of any quality getting dropped. I have found this article It’s crazy that 3 three-letter domains dropped this month detailing some dropped LLL domain names which went for 20k around. There are some more domains that went in between 10000 to 35000 USD in this year. It means, there is still a chance to own a LLL if it comes to the auction or privately for under USD 35k depending on letter quality. As per the LXDO report around 25% of LLL are developed. So, there is still room for domain investors to acquire these domain names. 456976 domains, with 13% developed and a medium price of $249 – this breed of domain names is still undermined. These domains regularly drop. But, remember pronounceable domains are not getting drop that regularly. Anyhow, there is still a chance for domain investors to pick LLLL unpronounceable domains for 2k and above range. Temy, Moks, Omat, Febs, etc. are names I have found at Namebio sales reports. No sufficient data to analyze this set. Its inventory is just 100 and as per LXDO only 16% is developed. (I will check each of them to find which are developed in my other post) There is 1000 Three number of .com domain names of which 7.3% are developed. There is some data at Namebio showing one sale of 13050 USD for 412(.)com domain followed by 9 other series. So, basically, this type of domain whoever owns will not drop it. Because it’s clearly worth million-plus.

NNNN.COM AND NNNNN.COM: 4N .coms are 10000 in numbers. 4% is developed and the rest is for sale or reserved for development. If you search them at Namebio you will be surprised to see 100 domain names (the max list generated by guest) which were sold at various Auction places for under $1000. If you look at 2020 data – there is one NNNN domain (1740) sold at Namejet for $20.5k. I think domain investors can still get these domain names for under 20k if available. NNNNN Domains are around 100,000 in numbers and are regularly available at the Aftermarket. For as little as $500 and above. So, this set is still dropped.

Dictionary Words: I didn’t find any relevant data to see such names were dropped in the past. Anyway, it’s quite safe to assume that dictionary words are not getting dropped anymore. If it drops then the word quality will determine its retail value.

So what is dropping?

Two-word dot com domains mostly. And, day by day it’s becoming difficult to task for domain investors to find decent domain names that can be used by businesses. And, this is the reason why aftermarket prices for two-word domain names are rising every day.

LLLL domain names with lesser-quality and few good quality domains do get dropped.

LLLLL.coms: These are brandable types of domain names. That is not dictionary oriented. But, are quite good and have better Google search result pages.

Example: DomainSales every day publishes daily reported domain name sales at Namepros. It’s an excellent tool to see what is dropping and what not. For example, if you visit this report on 11th Oct 2020.

The above report shows a lot of two-word domain names reported by auction houses. Though there are some Dictionary (English) words are there but those are .io, .co, and others. But, not .com domains. The most important category above is Keyword (x2) that reported 223 sales in numbers. And, if you follow the above report – you will notice similar results.

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