This Domain ________ Will Be Available Soon.

Here is a spam email I received: will be available soon.

You have been identified as a potential buyer through our domain-matching algorithm. If you are not interested in this domain or prefer not to receive future notifications, please disable the sending of any other domain notifications at the bottom of this email and I apologize for the inconvenience.

To confirm interest, please fill out the simple form here: click here.

Our company is committed to full transparancy and a risk-free experience for our customers.

Payment is due, only after the successful transfer of ownership and full control of the domain by you.

All the best,




My comments:
The domain in question I’ve not mentioned to protect the registrant of the domain as I don’t to know whether the registrant send it to me or somebody else. I’m amazed when it mentioned that they have an algorithm that identifies potential buyers. Certainly, the algorithm is not up to its standards as I don’t think I’m in need of this particular domain name. I’ve noticed that when you buy more domain names you get more such spam emails related to domains. I’m very much clear that before entering Domaining I never received such emails in my inbox.

I think, these spammers should start learning domaining in an ethical manner so that the domaining community as a whole are not labelled as spammers or cyber squatters.

2 thoughts on “This Domain ________ Will Be Available Soon.”

  1. I don’t think spammers will ever learn any ethics, else they wouldn’t be labeled as spammers at first ;)

    Secondly, sometimes I see these spammers do some benefit for us in a way that let”s say you have and they will email you to buy from them and in actual the domain is getting available in next 2-3 days. This way you get alert and place backorders for the domain. Rarely it helps and most of the time it’s annoying :D

  2. So far I have not received that kind of helpful spam email. And, they may not learn domain ethics but I bet it’s important to learn ‘can spam act’* rules.


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