A Premium Name Can Be Registered in 6 different ways.

Most of the successful websites on Internet are built using premium names. Premium names are limited in supply and hence many internet users have used certain variations on a single premium name to use it several ways.

In this post I’m writing about the ways in which a premium name is being used distinctively; for the sake of post I’ll be using Insurance keyword as an example and the TLD being the dot com.

1. Insurance: This is the main keyword and you’ll find a site fully functional with this name

2. Einsurance: The second choice often is associated with prefixing ‘E’ before the main keyword. E indicates ‘Electronic’ and is popularly used.

3. Iinsurance: The thirst choice is to use ‘i’ before the main keyword. ‘i’ letter generally indicates ‘Internet’

4. Oinsurance: The fourth choice may be to add ‘O’ before the main keyword. Odesk.com is a solid example of this type of domain name. O means online.

5. Theinsurance: The fifth choice may be to add ‘THE’ in front of the main keyword. There are tons of sites with THE out there.

6. Insurances: If singular is taken plural of the keyword is opted. Usually this is the second choice but sometimes it’s not appropriate.

For most the domain names out – these variations have already been used. With these names some sites are operational and some are being held by domainers to be sold. Not only this, premium names are so valuable that they have been registered many thousands of time by way of adding other keywords before or after this main keyword.

The problem with many businesses is that they pick a name which doesn’t qualify as a good name. Instead of securing a good domain name through domainers or aftermarkets they tend to register a domain name which is not a better choice. Domain owners of such domain names end up spending a good chuck of money on online advertising and SEO management. And, off late, they realize that the ‘root’ of the business that is NAME is itself the main problem.

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