Advance Domain Renewals With The Sales Proceeds

Most of the domain investors are having a day job. It’s totally fine. And according to Rick Schwartz “Don’t quit your day job until it interferes with your money making abilities in domaining”. And, in order to continue being a domainer – one thing is constantly needed. That thing is renewing domain names. Adding new domains is also important. But, on a consistent basis renewals is what keeps domainers going.

And, the best time for domain renewals is the time when you receives money from a domain sale. Instead, of using the domain sales proceeds in some other personal expenses. It’s better to advance domain renewals and get it done. Suppose you’ve made a sale this month. Depending on the amount. You may think of utilizing it fully for domain renewals that are due this month and in the coming months. This way, you can successfully make a tie with sales proceeds and domain renewals.

Advancing domain renewals with sales proceeds helps a domainer in securing the domain name for more years. And, it may also help him to sell the domain faster. It’s my personal observation that some domain sells when they’re renewed.

If you’re not advancing domain renewals with the sales proceeds then now is the time to implement this tactics. It’s simple and powerful. And, more importantly it immediately gives you a correct picture of your domain investing figures. Domain name sales are not regular and most of the domain investors sell 1 to 2 percent per year from their portfolio. But, they consistently needed to renew the domain names. Most successful and experienced domainers may drop only 1 to 2% domain names a year. The rest are intended to be renewed. And, renewals needs funds. And, it makes sense to renew domains in advance whenever a particular domain sales proceeds enter your bank account.

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