The Bin Threshold for Domains

Have you thought about a Bin threshold for your domain names? Every domainer knows that it’s not easy to put buy it now prices on all of his/her domain names. But, at the same time it’s important to have a buy it now prices. Now, the question is at what level of amount or threshold you should opt for ‘make an offer’ amount? Instead of asking should you go with Bin or make an offer amount – it will be more realistic if you set a BIN threshold after reviewing your portfolio.

I am not big when it comes to number of domains. So, based on my learning and experience I decided that I should opt for a make an offer if I am confident that one of my domain may fetch more than $5000 and to set realistic BIN on domains which I considered have low value.

Here are some advantages for BIN based domains:
1. Domains under $5000 at BIN prices are likely to get sold
2. Saves time in negotiation and increases cash flow
3. Needs less time in management. You just need to review renewals if it’s not on auto mode

Here are some advantages for make an offer:
1. Increases your chance to get more on your domains
2. Helps a prospective end user to inquire it easily
3. An end user is not likely to leave your sales page due to high BIN price

Price your domain BIN prices right and keep it below $5000 range and for your valuable domains enable the make an offer option.

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