Calculate Average Domain Renewal Price

Most of the domain investors own domain names at different registrars, and domain registration to renewal prices differ from registrar to registrar. Finding an average renewal price you pay is important step to save domain renewal cost.

For finding the average domain renewal price you pay – consider the following scenario: A owns 50 domains at Registrar1 and pays an average $8.50 renewal cost plus the discount membership at $125 yearly. A further owns 30 Domain names at Registrar2 at an average renewal cost of $10.88. And, 20 at Registrar3 where he pays $8.50 as renewal price.

Total Domains are 100
Total Renewal Cost is ($425+125+$326.40+$170) = 1046.40
Average renewal cost is $10.464

In order to save the renewal cost, it’s better for domain investor ‘A’ to move most of his domain names from high renewal cost registrar to low renewal cost registrar. Although, this result in some disadvantages like 60 days lock and may effects any ongoing promotion at the current registrar.

Saving on renewals should be very high on the agenda of the domain investors. Choosing a secure registrar with low renewal cost should be the goal. Overall I find domain renewal and registration prices fair at NameSilo, NameBright and Godaddy(with DDC) and now Uniregistry is also coming up with domain perks to provide the necessary savings.

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