ccTLD The Next Best TLD for Brand Protection.

This post is not about the next best TLD alternative. But, it’s rather focused on finding and analyzing TLD’s that are important for brand protection online. Most of the companies own a website for their businesses. And, TLD choices range from .com to many other generic top-level domains. Some companies who have a well-established presence online will try to increase their domain stock by adding many other domain names.

The question here is what should be the other domain name which should get priority in terms of brand protection. And, my suggestion here goes for a ccTLD domain name. For example, if you own domain as the main domain name used for website and emails. Then, for brand protection, you should choose a ccTLD domain first. And, then you may go on adding as many other domains with different extensions as you may afford.

Choosing and immediately registering a ccTLD domain for brand protection is important. Especially the ccTLD domain name relevant to your company where it’s originated. If it’s US. then .us should get registered for brand protection first. The advantage here I see is that a ccTLD registration gives the business an immediate local and national recognition. And, also, tells the people instantly where this company is situated. The other advantage is that it safeguards your business against local counterfeiters and fraudsters. I don’t see such immediate benefits if a business leaves its own ccTLD domain and goes for other extensions such as .net, .org, or the new generic top-level domains.


The other TLD extensions such as .net, .org, .info are also important but for brand protection, a ccTLD domain should be acquired first. And, if your main TLD is and you are using a ccTLD extension such as .io or .co then still – you should first go and get the ccTLD domain where your business is located. And, then you may pursue the acquisition of .com if it’s available and for sale. Nowadays, a good .com is not cheap and a business has to pay a handsome amount. Further, many .com domains are in real use. Means, it’s locked forever.

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