Choose Smart Domain Names

Most people are well familiar with the smart goals concept. Which says, ‘your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound. The concept of smart goals is quite successful with many individuals and businesses seeking professional and personal development. And, Google exact searches cannot be wrong in giving us this data: In this post titled as ‘choose smart domain names‘ is a concept based on the smart acronym.

Now, the same concept I borrowed for domain investing. And, came up with these important points related to domain name selection and trading. And, here are those smart points related to domain investing:

Searches: The domain name must have online searches. And, should have a cost per click also. Often, a domain name is regarded as a good domain when it has a good amount of searches and has some decent cost per click.

Meaningful: A good domain name resonates well with an end-user. Domains mostly are used by businesses. Domain names that don’t have a particular meaning are neglected and are not perceived well by the end-users.

Alternate Extensions: Most of the investors before picking or acquiring a domain name researches that particular domain name in relation to the number of extensions in which it is already registered. The more the extensions are reserved the better the quality of the domain name. It doesn’t mean they will register it in any other available extension. It means, they chose the dot com extension thru aftermarket purchases or thru the private acquisition channel

Resale Value: A good domain name has a resale value. Good domain names are quite liquid in nature. At any given point in time – they can be traded for cash quickly at available resale market values. A domain that doesn’t have a resale value will be hard to sell even to an end-user.

Trademark: While selecting and acquiring domain names. One must-see if there is an existing trademark for that particular term or not. If the domain in question potentially violates the trademarks of any other entity then simply that domain is not good. Though it may have searches, cost per click, meaningful, registered in many extensions, etc. Avoiding trademark-related domains is an important domaining lesson.

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