Choosing Proper Case for Domain Listing

Is I am the only one thinking that choosing proper case for domain listing matters? Well, I am not sure. But, I thought of putting this into a post. Domain names are meant to be written without spaces. And, sometimes when two words come together they tend to create confusion or creates an entirely new meaning for a given domain name. And, in order to avoid such a display of your domain name – you must carefully view it from other people’s eyes.

Some examples of domain names that if not written using a proper case or have words that are generally considered not safe for work may create an unwanted meaning. Here is a good article from featuring such domain names – read here which showcases words such as Sex, Fart, Crap, etc find their way unwantedly in your domain name. The basic rule is to avoid establishing your website on such domain names.

So, as a rule, you must see if your domain name is containing a word that is considered a bad word in terms of general opinion. And, then you may list it at all marketplaces to sell. Well, there are very rare instances of such domain names. But, you must make sure how you want the end-user to view your domain name. For example, I have a domain name called as which is listed for sale at Godaddy’s Afternic marketplace. And, it is how it looks upon someone visiting it directly.

It looks OK but due to the long nature of the domain name – the person looking at it may find a bit of difficulty in finding out the AND in between Accounting and Auditing. So, a better way for me to list this domain on marketplaces by using the title case. So, I have to write it as – which is quite easy for a prospective customer to read and understand the domain name. But, remember that Google displays all search results in lower case style. But, using a proper case in landing pages is sure to help.

Here is another example of my domain name accu//security(.)com which is shown like this upon visiting. Because I did not use the title case while submitting for listing. It appears not readable.

In the above case – someone may read accuse and curity separately. And, there could be many people who may read it as Accu Security too. But, the way I listed it matters. The better option would have been to use the title case – so AccuSecurity(.)com which splits the Accu and Security in a nice manner. And, Accu though not a real word but it’s mostly abbreviated for accurate. I have tried editing how the domain name looks but this option was not available (at least at Afternic) so, I may require to resubmit it after deleting the record first.

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