Club Your Monthly Renewals

Round the year domain investors face one very critical issue. The issue of domain renewals. With plenty of domain names – keeping track of renewals is quite important. And, if you lose a domain – somebody else will pick it up most likely.

If you’ve set domains on auto-renewal then this write-up is not for you. And, if you’re like me who manually review domains monthly and decide which to keep and which to drop then this tip might save your time.

I am following a simple method of renewing my expiring domains all at once at different registrars. For example, I have lot of domains coming up for renewal in the month of October. And, all are at different dates of the month of October. But, are with in the October month. I use an excel worksheet to track the domains. And, I don’t put the full expiry date. For example if my domain is expiring on 15-10-2018. I simply put October2018

as expiry in my spreadsheet. And, I follow the same practice for my of domain names. And, I usually renew within the first week of the month. And, I then don’t look up at renewals data.

The above practice will save you time, And, sometimes may trigger an advance sale too. This happens when somebody watching your domain to drop. And, when he sees it’s renewed. He left with no option. Sometime, you may have a sale just before the actual renewal date. And, if this happens, you get a sale plus you save on renewal too. But, since domain investing sales are not often – this scenario can be treated as exception.

Renewing a domain is an important step in domain investing and when you properly manage this step – it helps you in saving time, increases the sales and provides you with more clarity.

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