Do You Own a LLL Domain Starting With BO?

This information is for you if you own a LLL domain starting with letters BO and ending with a,b,c,…x,y,z. I’ve a website where I’m updating currently LLL domain name acronyms. Yesterday, I analyzed BOA to BOZ series of LLL letters and I found one interesting pattern. I’ve found that the series of LLL domains containing BOA – BOZ are liked a lot by Banking Industry.

Some examples of dot com domains are as follows:

bof:- Bank of Fayetteville
boh:- Bank of Hawaii
boi:- Bank of Ireland
bok:- Bank of Oklahoma
bov:- Bank of Valeletta
bob:- Best of Business

From the above it’s clear that BO stands for “Bank of” the last letter in the LLL domain maybe related to a country or city. So, if you as a Domainer own a LLL domain under .com, .net, .org or any ccTLD then take a note that the inquiry maybe coming from someone related to banking industry. You need to work on the last letter to figure out the city or country or any other name pertinent to your domain. It’s not that 100% inquiries will come from bankers but you can think this as one of the probable prospect. And, since banking is a very profitable business, the chance for you to get a good bargain is also high. Banking is a trillion dollar industry and most of the banking firms do well.

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