Domain Counter Offer Tips

When you put your domains on make an offer price option. You are sure to get offers (on some). And, you counter offer most of the times. And, Some counter offers are successful.

One thing I’ve observed while counter offering is our tendency to use even and rounded numbers as counter offers. For example: If someone offers you $200 – you will counter it with $400 or $500 something like that since you have the liberty to go any number you choose.

But, my point is this: domain counter offer values should not end up in zeros, period. Instead, you should price them as if they’re real commodities and have suitable pricing stats to support your pricing.  Think of Namebio sales results related to your keyword. They’ll rarely end up in zeroes.

I think, such counter-offer makes more pricing sense if you counter with $276 instead of $250; $8986 instead of $8800 and so on. The main advantage of such pricing is your ability to distract the buyer from thinking a re-counteroffer price instantly.

And, in the process, such prices influence the buyer to counter with some reasonable number. Or at least leaves the buyer with some thoughts before throwing back a number.

Also, one more advantage you gain is this:  You may end up making an extra buck. For example – when you make a counteroffer with 278 instead of $250 and the buyer accepts it. Here you gain that extra $28 which would’ve been lost if you’ve countered with $250.

If zeroes have worked very well for you then just ignore this post. Else, give it a try.

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