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We see every-day many domains get dropped and enters the aftermarket where premium and good quality domains gets bids and are taken. Not all dropped domains are taken but it’s also true that not all dropped domains are dropped completely. Some of the reasons why domains are dropped are:

1.Registrant forgets to renew the domain name
2.Registrant not sets on auto the domain renewal
3.Registrant’s credit card expires and it doesn’t validate the transactions
4.Registrant loses his/her email address and doesn’t get any domain renewal information
5.Registrant intentionally allows the domain to expire which is very common

Above are some reasons why domains get dropped. Well, I’ve this idea to share. Whenever a domain expires the registrar sends notification to the email on account and follows a procedure before letting it go to the auction house. But, the registrar never calls or makes a telephone call to the registrant telling him/her that ‘hey your domain is expiring’ renew it soon to avoid it getting dropped.

My Idea:
I think it will be great if registrar start providing this domain renewal call facility service at a minimum price. This add-on service should be given as a choice at the time of domain registration similar to privacy and other add-on choices which the registrar gives during the process of registration.
Those who think they need the call facility to add that extra layer of security to their domains may opt-in for that service by paying some minimum fee. And, those who wish not may just skip it.

Every-year millions of domains gets renewed and many are accidentally dropped just because the registrant loses the account information and I think this facility will be great. The registrar can make lot of money through this add-on and save many number of domains from accidentally expiring.

What you think of this Idea?

7 thoughts on “Domain Renewal Call Facility”

  1. It’s good the registrars are not calling their customers to renew their domains because that will reduce the number of drop domains and we (domainers) will have much lesser chance of buying expiring domains…

  2. You’re right, but, maybe in future they will add this feature to increase their revenues. Anyway, Thanks for the feedback

  3. May be but don’t think many would implement because registrars make more money through expired domains by auctioning off rather than asking the current owners to renew their domains…

  4. If not registrar, can somebody else may offer this service to the registrant? Do you see any viable opportunity here?

    1. I think as an add-on service they maybe able to generate extra revenue. And, regarding calls – it can be automated to save human efforts. I think so.

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