Domains for Outbound Marketing

If you are looking for doing outbound marketing for your domains, then, the first is to check your domain names and its type. Not every domain is marketable. And, pitching to an end user a wrong domain name is always going to hurt you more. So, here are some types which I think is suitable for outbound marketing and some are not.

GEO Domains. City+Category like Ohio Plumbing. If you own such category of names, then it’s easy to market such domains to businesses who are directly related with such activities

Made up Names: If you’re a creative person. And, likes creating and developing names. Then, outbound marketing can’t be any help for you. Because the name you created is not related to any business yet – And, even if it’s related it will be challenging to find and sell such a name.

Dictionary Domains: If you own any dictionary word and especially in .com then such a name is in itself a marketable domain because it directly fetches the referrals.

Numeric Domains: It’s one of the toughest categories. For example, I own a domain, and it will be useless for me to ask the owner of 589488 to buy my name. Numbers have different interpretations. If you own Steel Factory .com domain, then you can outbound that to a company that uses a domain called Steel Factory USA .com. But, when it comes to numbers such things are not possible.

Upgrade Domains Are the type of domains which are an exact match of some companies. The keyword in your domains can be an upgrade for some other company. For example, if Steel Factory USA buys Steel then it means they have upgraded their domain name. Such names are also suitable for outbound purposes.

Name+Category: Consider these examples: Axis Bank; Frost Bank; Ultra Cement; Bajaj Finance, etc. Most of the companies use the product category after their name. And, it’s widespread in India. So, if you own any such domain then it can be an upgrade for an existing company domain name or someone might form an interest in it. But, beware of trademarks.

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