Duties of a Domainer?

A domainer as commonly understood is a person who buys and sells domain names for profit. Like every individual who operates a business or work for a company has certain obligations to full fill which guarantees returns in form of salary or profit.

Similarly, a domainer, must have to perform certain job in order to stay alive in the ferociously competitive field of domaining. These duties as per my own understanding are outlined here.

Buying Domain Names:
1.Buy domain name directly from registrars which are not yet registered by anyone
2.participate through bidding in an auction in an attempt to win a domain name
3.Regularly visit and review expired and deleted domain libraries to pick the right domain
4.Visit domain conferences and shows and participate in an live auction to win some names
5.Back order domain names which are valuable and win the right to have that name if succeed

Selling Domain Names:
1.List your domain names for sale at your own web site
2.List your domain names for sale at all leading aftermarket websites like sedo, godaddy, etc
3.Send emails to end user and tell them about your domain name
4.Participate in shows and domain conferences and list your domain there if accepted
5.Tell friends and colleagues and ask them for a referral to sell a domain name

Administrative duties:
1.Properly maintain the list of domain names you own
2.Properly renew and delete domain names that are important and unimportant
3.Always ensure that your credit card balance is paid and you’re not incurring any undue interest
4.Properly maintain account for all the transactions related to your domain business
5.Prepare terms of sales, quotations and follow-up with clients for sale of domain name
6.Research end users and then filter and compile a list of targeted end user to send an offer email

Other duties:
1.Regularly update your knowledge about domain names by reading blogs
2.Regularly make sure to read the news paper to pick ideas from it
3.Subscribe to a variety of magazines in order to pick a word that is important as a domain name
4.To change passwords of your domain name and email accounts to keep it secure always
5.To ensure that your internet speed is at optimum and you’ve a good computer to carry your work
6.To ensure that backup of all of your crucial data is kept unto-date
7.To outsource what you cannot do efficiently or a low value activity

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