Reach an End-user Thru Other Seller

I have not yet applied this tip though it’s quite an interesting one and not that bad to not share. Have you ever thought of contacting another seller when you read a name got sold especially to an end user thru daily sales or the weekly sales list? This article shows how you can Reach an End-user Thru Other Seller

Suppose you see a sale has occurred for the domain name and the buyer thru research you’ve found it to be an end. And, surprisingly you own the domain name And, you want to check with that end-user if they can buy your domain too.

You’ve got the option to check the seller who has sold that domain to check if you can get the contact email/phone of the person who dealt with that seller for closing the deal. It’s not hard to find the seller who has sold the domain. But, it’s hard to find the other party’s contact address who has been instrumental in that sale.

The second option is to contact directly the company. And, in most of the cases you, ‘ll not find the correct email/phone. And, because of it – you fail to reach the right person.

Also, it’s to be understood before contacting such a party – that they may not be interested in a domain extension other than they’ve bought it. If they’ve purchased the extension – they may not show interest in getting the .com even though it rules the extensions. And, if they have got the .com they may not show interest in other extensions.

Anyway, the point of this article is to help you reach another domainer/seller to get the right contact to pitch your domain extension to them. Especially, if you can’t reach the right person directly. Try reaching them thru the other seller.

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