Famous Domain Blogs Expiry Status

It’s said that search engine loves those domain names which are aged as well as not expiring soon. Lets see, who’s scoring on this SEO aspect.

These are the list of some of the blogs which regularly appear in Domaining.com

DNJournal.com Expires On November 11, 2015

DomainInvesting.com Expires On April 04, 2019

Domaining.com Expires On August 10, 2016

RicksBlog.com Expires On March 25, 2021

DomainSherpa.com Expires On March 14, 2021

DomainShane.com Expires On July 05, 2014

DomainPicks.com Expires On February 14, 2015

OnlineDomain.com Expires On June 23, 2016

TheDomains.com Expires On February 16, 2021

MorganLinton.com Expires On August 03, 2021

DomainGang.com Expires On September 08, 2016

DomainNameWire.com Expires On February 10, 2020

DomainIncite.com Expires On February 27, 2015

Maybe there are several others very notable domain blogs which I’ve not included in order to limit the list. I think, the owners of those domains ‘above’ which are not renewed longer should change their renewal status.

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  1. Very well said AbdulBasit, It shows how serious you’re with your domaining career. You’ve a great name and apart from domain I think you can air your views on any topic as it’s more personal.

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