Finding Registered Domain Names List for Free

Are you in a need of a tool to find domains that match your particular criteria. Suppose if you want to find registered domain names starting with the keyword ‘block’ you have to buy some sort of subscription at websites like namedroppers, domaintools, etc. to unlock such a result. It’s expensive. But, there is a free way to find such a report but with some limitations. Such a report is important to know how valuable your domain name is. The more number of registered domains containing your particular keyword the more it’s valued. Overall it depends on your particular domain name.

It’s a known fact that whenever you try to find domain names by putting a list of domains in domain search path it provides you in return two results: one it shows what is available and the other is for registered or taken domain name list. Which is easily downloadable.

You can take the registered domain names list and compare it with the domain name you’re evaluating based on that results. The only thing you require is a list of keywords to run the query. I have a list of keywords from leandomainsearch’s previously published data showing the most popular domain topics. It’s right now not available online. So, I am not sharing that list publicly. I use such a list to find registered domains.

What is the use?

I think it’s good to search for names containing a specific keyword. Such list will help you in knowing the end users and helps in domain renewal decisions. The best platform to search for registered names is NameBright and Uniregistry – where you can search easily 5000 domain names at one go. Remember, in this search type, you’re interested in what is registered and not what is available to be registered.

For example, I have a domain ‘’ and in order to know how many domains are registered that contain the keyword ‘raiser’. I will first use the spreadsheet and I will put my list of keywords and add ‘raiser’ as a prefix/suffix to it. And, then use any domain search platform in order to know the number of registered domains.

In this case of finding domains with the keyword ‘raiser’, I have used 500 top keywords and added ‘raiser’ as a suffix. (example, mediaraiser, worldraiser, designraiser, etc) and it showed 179 taken. Now, I have 179 whois records who may have an interest in the single word ‘raiser’.

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