Forward Your Best Traffic Domain Name

Offlate, I have realized that it’s better to forward your best traffic gaining domain names to your domain name portfolio page. Generally, we try to monetize it by way of parking or place the sale banner or both. But, it’s not often thought on forwarding the same domain name to our main domain sales shop.

I have few domain names that are constantly getting over 100 visits a day (Example – I have now decided to forward it to my brandbucket sales page at Although a numeric domain name doesn’t make sense when it’s transferred/forwarded to a brandable type of names. But, I think, it’s OK to test for a few months.

Since most of us making very little in parking. We are in need of constantly monetizing domain in question or other domain names in our portfolio with the most viewed domain names. One disadvantage could be the user interested in that domain name could not find a sales link. In order to eliminate this possibility, one need to add the contact us page in his or her domain shop. The other advantage could be the user – may end up browsing further other names and there is a possibility of receiving an offer from him.

The above is possible if traffic to your particular domain shop is increased. more eyeballs mean more inquiries.

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