How to Download Pending Delete Domains?

There are thousands of domains expiring and entering the pending delete status each day. Auction houses keeps track of all these huge amount of names. The website I use to download pending delete domains is

Simply visit this section:

And, download the text version of all the pending delete domains. You can then use Spreadsheet to import and then filter the results as per the keywords of your like. Another, helpful resource is

Well, Namejet usually gives you a pending delete domains for today and for the next three days. If you want to download previous deleted domains then there is no link.

But, you can use the copy link address feature to download the previously deleted domains. Go to any available pending delete list at Namejet, copy the link address and then paste it onto the browser address/url it will download all the domains. Now, just change the dates and download the previous deleted domains list.

I found Namejet at the time of writing this post has archived deleted domains from to upto-date

Though deleted domains current list is always valuable, but, just in case, you want to accumulate the list then it’s the way to go.

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