Is Age Factor Influences Domain Valuation?

Domain industry is as new as the internet. Or It’s as old as the internet. Both statement are true. For a person who has just started in domain investing – sees Internet as a new opportunity to make money. And, one who has already doing this from the past 15-20 years knows that domain investing is a business model that is still relevant and may thrive more in the future.

But, someone who is already old and has just started or someone who has started domain investing 15-20 years before. Maybe are in that age circle where they must play a safe game. And, prioritize short term gains over long term gains! And, in some cases they may have to think of liquidating their entire portfolio.

Domain investing is a business that is not easy to understand at first. It takes considerable time and effort to learn the basics and the advance level of domaining. And, someone who is getting old – may think of converting the domain portfolio into other form of assets. That is easy for the family members to handle.

So, it’s wise for someone getting old to cash out from his existing domain portfolio or minimize the inventory to the best few and train the family members so that they can take up domain investing if an unfortunate thing happens to the original domain investor.

This is one of the reason why we have seen some domain investors liquidating their domain portfolio like Mike Berkens, Skip Hoagland, Etc.


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