Keep BIN Price Intact Immediately After Domain Renewal

It’s been my observation that one needs to be cautious in readjusting the pricing of his domain names that have a buy it now (bin) prices. Especially after renewals have been made.

Which domain gets sold out of your portfolio to an enduser is a question the answer for which is not readily available with any domain investor. And, many times enduser or other investors keep track of some domain names. And, once it’s renewed they are left with two options: Forget the domain name or buy it immediately.

And, in such case, if one readjusts pricing immediately after renewal – he may leave money on the table. Some couple of months it happened to me. One of my domain got sold immediately after renewal with adjusted pricing. And, it gave me a lesson that it’s better to wait a while (a month or two) before you readjust the BIN pricing.

Advantages of keeping your BIN intact:

  • You may get the price you’re looking for provided it’s not exaggerated.
  • The other investor or end user may be compelled to make the purchase or leave you with an offer.

On the other hand, reducing prices immediately after renewal may help you sell the domain name faster. But, it’s advisable to reduce the pricing of your BIN domain names on a decreasing format one at a time. Means, you reduce the current BIN lets say by 5-10% and keep that price for a month. And, in second month you reduce it further. I am going to test  BIN pricing on my domain names on decreasing format from this month onward.

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