Marcaria – Good Place to Search ccTLD Registrations

Visit if you would like to do international domain registration or just make a search to see whether it’s available or not. And, if your preferred registrar doesn’t provide that service then Marcaria is a good place.

Most of the registrars have limited ccTLD registration choices. From Domaining perspective we are well aware of the fact that many end-users switch their domains from a specific ccTLD choice to a dot com domain for universal appeal and reach. Looking for registrations of your .com domain for matching ccTLD domains will be helpful to understand and locate a particular buyers geographical location as well as will be helpful in determining buyers buying strength.

At present it looks Marcaria provides registrations under North America, South America, Central America, Africa, Asia, Middle east, Europe and Oceania. On the other hand it also covers several new gTLDs domain extensions. For example, I’ve a domain and when I made a search of ccTLD I found there is and

As a disclaimer I would like to advise you to read first their terms of use before you use their system extensively.

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