Price Range Search Feature of NameBio and DNJournal’s sales data are often used as a reference point when it comes to buying and selling of domain names. is loaded with many advanced search features which makes it a go-to place to instantly find sold domains for comparisons.

Its most used feature is its keyword search, where you type a word and check the sold domains related to that keyword. But, it’s also having some other cool features which can help a user further filter his search results. And, one such advanced search feature which I find useful is its price range feature.

For example, if you want to search sold domains in the year 2017 in the price range of 70k to 75k, then simply put 70k to 75k in the search box. And, enter the search it will show you the following domains. As a test reference, I am putting here the result:

Domain Price Date Venue 70,000 USD 12/14/2017 Sedo 70,000 USD 9/10/2017 BQDN 70,000 USD 7/13/2017 Uniregistry 70,000 USD 6/6/2017 Uniregistry 70,000 USD 1/10/2017 Uniregistry 72,000 USD 9/5/2017 Uniregistry 74,000 USD 7/11/2017 Uniregistry 75,000 USD 11/17/2017 Sedo 75,000 USD 8/29/2017 Sedo 75,000 USD 3/19/2017 DomainMarket

This is a great feature to further filter the search along with other search parameters such as placement, extensions, length, keyword, category, pattern, date range, etc.

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