Separate Domains For Development

Separate domains for development. Means, the domain investor who are planning to develop one or more of their domain names into a fully-developed website should maintain a separate account for such domain names. Because domain investor regularly deals with a large number of domain names and may inadvertently sell-low one of their domain names kept for development.

So, here are some tips – which I am also planning to follow soon:

Keep a separate registrar or create another account: If your preferred registrar allows you to create multiple or two accounts then utilize it. One keeps it for selling domain names and other use for domains for development or for your already existing websites.

Better control: When you follow the above method – you tend to have better control over your domain name used for already existing websites or reserved for future development. Since it doesn’t get mixed with your domain investing domain names – it becomes easy to track them and protect them.

Webhosting: Generally avoid hosting your domains with your domain registrar. Instead, use specialist hosting services. Domain registrars and hosting can be in one place but it’s a better option to choose a different provider.

Tweaking: Sometimes it happens that the domain name you reserved for development may no longer appeal to you because of the changing situations. When such change happens you may simply push that domain name to your domain selling portfolio. And, also, you may transfer a domain from selling portfolio to domain development portfolio.

Clarity: In business clarity is important and it happens when mess around you is cleared. And, when we mark things and categorize them we achieve better clarity of the outcomes. It takes time and efforts but in the long run it’s worth the efforts.

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