Separating Domaining With Blogging

Not all Domainers are Bloggers and not all Bloggers are Domainers. But, there are some individuals who are Bloggers as well as Domainers. The question comes to my mind is that should we separate Domaining with Blogging?

The answer is not clear. I think some domain bloggers do domaining on the domain on which they also do blogging. Myself, I use a public email service to respond to domain inquiries and use this site as a reference. But, I’ve decided to use another domain name for my Domaining activities in order to separate Domaining from Blogging. This allows me to protect my domain blog if something not good happens with Domaining.

As we send end-user emails and negotiate with prospective buyers upon inquiries there is a slight chance that someone may misread us and propagate wrong information online using our domain name. This in turn may effect our online reputation. Or, we may hit by an unexpected UDRP case and the domain which we may have used for answering may go public wrong-way. Not only this, as blogs generate revenue I think it make sense to separate domain blogging with Domaining by forming a company in order to buy and sell internet domain names.

If you’re not already using a separate Domain for Domaining then buy a domain specifically for Domaining, if you like list your domains for sale, give it a legal entity (if possible) and restart Domaining.

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